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Scheduled Live Streams

Please leave 10 minutes before the start of class to register on the website and pay by PayPal.

Amy – 9.30am Monday – Family
7pm Thursday – Fitness
12.30pm Friday – Fitness

Anjna – 6.30pm Tuesday
9.30am Wednesday
6:30pm Friday
12noon Sunday – Fitness/Ignite

Lorna – 2pm Tuesday
2pm Thursday
8:15am Thursday
10am Saturday

Esther – 10am Sunday – 40 mins Fitness
1pm Monday – 40 mins Fitness
7pm Monday – 40 mins Ignite
9.30am Tuesday – 40 mins Fitness
6pm Thursday – 40 mins Ignite

Maria – 10am Sunday – 45 mins Fitness
10am Monday – 45 mins Fitness
6:30pm Tuesday – 45 mins Fitness
10am Wednesday – 45 mins Box

The Following Classes are Available

Swoove Solo